Service as a Callable Agent

Encapsulate your service into a callgent


Now you can chat to it by email or slack channels, or invoke it through code libs or restAPIs, ..


The callgent translates the requests, then sends them to your service, or slack users to respond.


Callgent aims to break the silos among all systems and users through AI Agent!


Start up in just 3 steps

Step 1: Create a callgent

A callgent lets you chat with a service just like a friend;
Or lets system invoke a user just like a service seamlessly.


Step 2: Configure an owner for the callgent

Connect the callgent to task owner, through `Receiver Endpoints`: Email, SMS, Slack channel, Twitter account, or your own API services...
So that the tasks can be delivered to anywhere to be handled.

Step 3: Send a request to the callgent

Now the callgent is ready to work, by accepting task requests from anywhere through `Calling Endpoints` in any form: API, Email, Web page, Slack...
The CORE philosophy of Callgent, is to break the silos among Users and systems, with AI empowered `Semantical` and `Progressive` invocation techniques.


Main Features

Callgent advanced features empowered by the SOTA GPT and Stable Diffusion models, to semantically handle requests and responses.

Async Task Queue

Each callgent has its builtin tasks queue. This makes it easy to send requests to systems or users in the same way. Every request task has complete lifecycle, so the whole process is reliable and consistent.

Progressive Invocation

Just like you are asking help from your friend, there are usually several rounds of interactive conversations, before the task is getting done. The callgent may require more context info before execution, automatically.

Polymorphic Interface

You can interact with the callgent from its different endpoints, like using REST API, Email, SMS, as Web page, in your IM like Slack, or even in an AR/VR app.

Generative UI

Thankful to the advanced AIGC technology, it helps you easily generate rich UI endpoints to interact with your users semantically and graphically, without writing a single line of code.

User-System Orchestration

With the group of functional callgents and users, you can easily write a natural language play book, to orchestrate your users and callgents, and make them work together seamlessly.

Pure Event-Driven

Any events, from real world, or third-party systems may trigger actions from the orchestrated callgents and triggers. Yes, we make the whole world an APP.

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